Your home means the world to you and it is only fair that you expect it to be as clean as clean can get.  Whether you are moving in or vacating, going on holidays or require a complete home clean-up in a hurry, a simple quick-clean service, or need regular long-term home cleaning, Credible Cleaning Services is the name to trust. Trust us with the upkeep of your home.

Wouldn’t you like to move into a fresh, clean and nice smelling home instead of spending the first few days cleaning up someone else’s mess? The best time to clean your home and to get into all the tough spaces is when it’s empty. We can make it as spotless as can be.

    We ensure good-looking environs for your home right from your immediate outdoors. Plant waste like dried leaves and dead plants are cleared out. Litter banished. Floors, porches, driveways and pathways are all raked out clean. We also provide a pesticide service, removing those nasty creatures which find themselves an opportunity to enter your building.
    All-clear cleaning of walls, floors and ceilings. All furniture and upholstery cleaned out and placed to your advantage. Appliances, equipment, table items, countertops and individual items all cleaned and put away or kept in their proper place, Toilet and kitchen areas that are most prone to gathering grease, dust and dirt are all washed, mopped, wiped, cleaned and disinfected.
    All trash bins are emptied and fresh bin liners are placed. We help position garbage bins for maximum utility, minimal obtrusion and zero spillage.

Why Credible?

Fast & reliable
Skilled & professional
First-class reputation

No job too big or too small. Our fees are competitive and designed just for you.

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  • Are you insured?

    Yes. We are fully insured and our Public Liability is $20M

  • Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    We do not “require” a contract, you sign nothing at all, however, both parties work off of a written proposal/quotation and we do ask that you would agree on the cost agreement, subject only to your satisfaction. We never want you to feel stuck. We would prefer you keep us because you like us and not because you have to.

  • Are background checks performed on all employees?

    Yes. All staff members are employees, not subcontractors, and criminal records checked and compliant. You can rest assured that your janitorial services are provided by an individual who will represent Credible Cleaning Services with the utmost professionalism and pride in their job and will take good care of your cleaning needs.

  • Will we have the same cleaning crew every time you come?

    Indeed, the same staff crew for each job; however, with vacations and sickness, we occasionally have to switch it up a little. But you will get the same great service from all of our staff.

  • Are there penalties for canceling or rearranging our scheduled appointment?

    NO cancellations fees, we prefer to be notified within the 48 hours of the cancelation.

  • What if I’m not satisfied with my cleaning? Do you guarantee your work?

    Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with any cleaning visit we will rectify any problem immediately. When you invest in quality cleaning, you will get nothing less than QUALITY every time!

  • How do I get started?

    Simply click on the “QUOTES” button or call us for a free quotation on 0431 520 100.