Medical Centres Cleaning

Credible Cleaning Services, Colour Coding Guidelines Policy

Credible Cleaning Services has a strict policy to Colour coding and helps reduce the risk of cross contamination, improves hygiene and reduces the risk of bacteria transfer between work areas. Mops, buckets, handles, brooms, brushes, cloths, wipes, etc. can all be colour coded for the work place.
Credible Cleaning Services and Microfiber Cloths


ANTI-BACTERIAL MICROFIBRE CLOTHS are designed to remove 99.9% of germs from most non-porous surfaces. The cloths then sanitize themselves using the silver antibacterial properties. They can be laundered at up to 95 degrees Celsius and work with and without the use of chemicals.
Techno-Clean Microfiber contains silver that inhibits bacteria growth, so not only will your surfaces be clean but your cloths will sanitize themselves.
Our edging is reinforced helping to keep the shape of the cloth so that it will fold easily even after 500 washes.


• Can be Laundered over 500 times
• Silver antibacterial technology

• Sanitizes itself as you clean
• Can be washed at 95 degrees Celsius


Disinfectants when used correctly will kill germs and bugs, however as we have used so many disinfectants over the years, and sometimes they have not been used correctly, this has led to some of the bugs developing resistance and mutating into Super Bugs. This is why most of our Healthcare facilities use a neutral cleaner for cleaning general surfaces and rely on the removal of bugs, as opposed to the chemical killing of them as removal does not build the bugs resistance. Microfiber’s ability to remove bugs and germs without the use of disinfectants is why many Healthcare facilities are using it with either neutral cleaner or pure water. There is no question as to Microfiber’s ability to remove germs from a surface, the question is “Where do the germs go?” and this is why a fresh cloth should always be used for the next area to be cleaned.


General microfiber used with the right amount of moisture will remove most of the dirt and germs from surfaces however, if they are not laundered, either with sanitizing chemical or at the correct temperature the bugs will continue to reproduce causing your cleaning cloth to become a breeding ground. The reason this is so important is that the Microfiber becomes loaded with bugs as it cleans the surfaces by removing bugs as opposed to simply using sanitizing chemicals.
Techno-Clean Microfiber contains silver that inhibits bacterial growth, so not only will your surfaces be clean, but your cloths will sanitize themselves.

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